How did the fire start?

How did the fire spread?

How was the fire put out?

Who was Samuel Pepys?

What happened to London afterwards?

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Who was Samuel Pepys?

pepys diary

Samuel Pepys (say "Samuel peeps") worked for the navy and as a Member of Parliament. He was an eyewitness to the events of the Great Fire.

At the time of the Great Fire, he lived in Seethings Lane, which was close to the Tower of London.

He wrote about his daily life in his diaries for ten years, and they tell us about life in London in the 1660s. He wrote his diaries with a quill by candlelight.

As the flames of the Great Fire got closer to his house, he wrote in his diary that he had decided to bury in his garden the most important things in his life. These were his wine, his papers and his parmesan cheese, which was very expensive in 1666.




Portrait of Samuel Pepys by J. Hayls
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